Company Profile​

Alucent is a leading brand of Aluminum glass solutions for door and window systems. Alucent brand name is inspired by our core products which is aluminum, and the word lucent (shining light) which refers to the top value of premium glass product.

  • We have over 10 years of profound experience and expertise in architectural design and construction.
  • At Alucent, our core value is to provide intelligent functionality in order to offer the best solutions for architectural design, sturdiness, safety, comfort, energy and, cost efficiency.
  • Alucent offers top quality Euro Profile aluminum, and exclusively selects only high-quality raw materials, certified by International Standard.
  • We provide a comprehensive range of solutions including sliding door and window systems, swing door system, bi-folding door system, awning window system, as well as other customized system according to your needs.

Vision Statement

To be the leader in architectural design and engineering of the top aluminum door and window solution.

Our Commitment

We are keen to provide only premium quality of products and excellence in service. We are committed to sustainable growth and dedicated for ongoing product development.

Why choose Alucent?

Exclusively designed by professional architecture team, for the best aluminium glass function and architectural design. We will make the entire process from planning to completion an unforgettable and enjoyable experience.


Certified Euro standard aluminum profile for windows and doors.


Protection against water, wind and noise.


Floor to ceiling up to 3.5 meters.


Joint Corner at 45 degrees.
Precise and neat for perfect fitting.


Customized aluminum layer range from 1.8 to 3 mm.


Premium security with multipoint lock  hardware system from German.

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